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Per impostazione predefinita, se il contenuto non è disponibile nella lingua scelta, verrà visualizzato automaticamente il contenuto in inglese.

Compose and archive your favorite armies!

What can you do?

You can now use all the features of 9ThBuilder without having to create an account first. Be careful however, your lists are linked to your local session and therefore will not be available on another browser and may be lost if you delete your cache or your session."

Who are we?

A passionate of Battle since many years. I took the 9Th Builder since several years, creates a mobile application and helps the 9Th Age administration. Helped by Kaos War who greatly contributed to enter army lists and for the new homePage. 9Th Builder is an effective and easy-to-use tool for creating your army lists and sharing them. It does not generate any income :)


Display the item's description when you create your list


It's now possible to look at the item's description when you build your list.

Just hover over the “all-seeing” eye ^^


T9A Supplements update


All supplement armies have been update :
- Asklanders
- Cult of Errahman
- Cultists
- Dread Fleet
- Hobgoblins
- Legions of Sin
- Makhar

Send me a message if you find an error :)


Export and game helpers


When you export an army list, you can now directly access to game helper (lexicon, sheet, spell cards)


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